The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for 2018 returned to New York City! Goddess Adriana Lima started her VS Runway career in this fabulous city and also decided to end her career here as well. She retired gracefully during this annual procession. We will truly miss her! Change is truly in the air and I still remain a fan of this brand that I have followed for so many years. Image Source :: Victoria's Secret Media Kit

03 January 2012

VSFS 2011: Lais Ribeiro (Club PINK! Segment)

Lais Ribeiro walked in the VS Club PINK! segment showcasing her gorgeous body and smooth flawless skin. You would never guess that she is actually a young mother! My, my, my ... she obviously got blessed with great looks.

I started seeing more and more of Lais Ribeiro for Victoria's Secret after she did the 2011 VS Valentine's promo. And come to think of it, she was highlighted very well in the 2010 fashion show wearing wings even before Brazilian goddess Emanuela de Paula. Most recently, while watching the airing of the 2011 fashion show on CBS, I couldn't help but to notice that Victoria's Secret is using her in their current television commercials ... and not just a quick 2 second glimpse like VS is notorious for doing when they include a black model in the commercial. I apologize for bringing up race all of the time but I just get so frustrated when the advertisers do this to the black models. Well, it is a new year, and times have changed for the better. I am seeing more fair representation of ethnic models in the fashion world and it fills me with tremendous joy. The future is looking bright ... especially for Lais Ribeiro and her positioning with Victoria's Secret.

.:there's no way I'm turning back:.

Usually I don't pay much attention to the actual final walk at the end of the show because it is just giddy bliss like a prom celebration or something. But this year, for the Victoria's Secret final walk, the music remix included Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way', Rihanna's 'S & M', Beyonce's 'Run This World' (which did not actually air ... interesting edit since her husband Jay-Z performed in the show) and then loops back around to Lady Gaga's crazy hit. Kudos to the dj this year because I thought that all of the music for the show were great choices. After walking in the last segment, Lais walked back out in line with the other girls looking very relaxed and confident as the beautiful fabric flowed behind her. I had hoped that the camera would have captured her a little bit more in the finale though.

What I did see, however, was how Adriana Lima lead the final walk hand in hand with Alessandra Ambrosio and had the Lady Gaga movements down to a tee! I did not realize that bombshell Adriana Lima could dance until I saw how she moved to the music in the finale. Yep! She's got rhythm!! So cute how she seems to not be able to let go of Alessandra's hand. Just love these two ladies together.

It was a great show this year and the ending was absolutely top notch. Brazilian beauty Lais Ribeiro was featured not just in one segment but in THREE segments this year. Will she be getting her angel status soon? I sure hope so because her body is incredibly sexy!