The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for 2018 returned to New York City! Goddess Adriana Lima started her VS Runway career in this fabulous city and also decided to end her career here as well. She retired gracefully during this annual procession. We will truly miss her! Change is truly in the air and I still remain a fan of this brand that I have followed for so many years. Image Source :: Victoria's Secret Media Kit

03 February 2012

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Launch: Candice & Erin

Ok ... after writing several posts on the subject of Victoria's Secret Dream Angels I feel like I am somewhat of an expert at this point! Not that I ever wanted to be. It's just that the entire VS Dream Angel campaign has just the right appeal.

The term "dream angel" in the Victoria's Secret realm actually specifically refers to the bra. The fragrance that is being promoted along with the VS Dream Angel bra line is actually called VS Angel Fragrance instead of VS Dream Angel fragrance. Apparently, in Spring 2011 a similar campaign named Dream Angels Forever was promoted and it included a dream angel fragrance. Therefore, this additional Winter 2011 holiday fragrance is merely called the VS Angel Fragrance. It has incredible stand-out glass wings on the back of the perfume bottle which makes this fragrance super desirable. Just the perfect ornamental touch.

Here are some pics of gorgeous Candice Swanepoel with adorable Erin Heatherton at the Dream Angels launch held at the Victoria's Secret headquarter store in Manhattan, New York on November 1, 2011. Love Manhattan ... not only does this trendy city have the best theater district in the nation but it also boasts of it's high-society fashion district. Just the best environment for shopping!

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Launch: Candice & Erin