The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for 2018 returned to New York City! Goddess Adriana Lima started her VS Runway career in this fabulous city and also decided to end her career here as well. She retired gracefully during this annual procession. We will truly miss her! Change is truly in the air and I still remain a fan of this brand that I have followed for so many years. Image Source :: Victoria's Secret Media Kit

13 April 2013

Adriana Lima: Bio and Career Highlights

Adriana Lima is a very popular Brazilian model. She was born on June 12, 1981 and is currently married to Marko Jarić, a Serbian NBA basketball player and has two daughters. Her second daughter was born only a few months before she opened the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

She has been a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2000 and served as spokesmodel for Maybelline Cosmetics from 2003 to 2009. She first got her start in the modeling world at the age of 15 when she won first place in Ford's "Supermodel of Brazil" contest. She went on to compete in Ford's "Supermodel of the World" contest where she placed an admirable second. She did not sign a modeling contract with Ford Models, a prestigious modeling agency. Instead she signed with Elite Model Management and quickly began walking the runway for the top fashion designers of New York, Paris, London and Milan and was consistently chosen as the face of several advertising campaigns.

What is so fascinating about Adriana Lima is that she is of mixed Brazilian ancestry and has a very exotic, sexy look. In the early years of her career, her decision to remain a virgin until she married made her appear even more desirable to the general masses. She married at the age of 27. How a virgin can exude so much sensuality in print advertising is beyond me!

Even though her modeling portfolio is quite extensive (Versace, Guess, Blumarine, Valentino, Vogue magazine covers, GQ magazine covers, etc.) we all know her best for her work with Victoria's Secret. She has opened the Victoria's Secret annual runway shows and individual segments more than any other model and has done extensive television commercials and various promos for the brand throughout the world. Adriana Lima pretty much IS Victoria's Secret.

Here is a breakdown of her VS fashion show appearances:

FEB 1999 (webcast)
MAY 2000 (webcast) (Walks in 3 of 4 Segments)
NOV 2001 (aired on ABC) (First televised Victoria's Secret Show. Walks in 3 of 4 Segments, Closes the Show!)
NOV 2002 (aired on CBS) (Walks in 3 of 4 Segments, Closes the Show!)
NOV 2003 (Walks in 3 of 5 Segments, Opens the Show!)
Year 2004 (Participated in Angels Across America - no fashion show this year)

VSFS 2005:
Sexy Shadow Dreams, 2nd Segment
Sexy Delicious, 5th Segment (Opens!)
Sexy Things, 6th Segment

VSFS 2006:
Coquettish Fetish, 2nd Segment (Opens!)
Come Fly With Me, 3rd Segment (Closes!)
Winter Wonderland of Glacial Godesses, 6th Segment

VSFS 2007:
Blade Runner, 1st Segment (Opens the Show!)
Sureally Sexy, 5th Segment (Closes!)
Deck the Halls, 6th Segment

VSFS 2007: Blade Runner Segment, Adriana Opens the Show!

VSFS 2008:
Glamour Goddess, 1st Segment (Opens the Show!)
The Modern, 3rd Segment
Black Tie Holiday, 6th Segment
*Wears $5 million bra.

VSFS 2008: Glamour Goddess Segment, Adriana Opens the Show!

VSFS 2009:
ABSENT - out on maternity leave to have little Valentina.

VSFS 2010:
Tough Love Segment, 1st Segment (Opens the Show!)
Game On, 2nd Segment
Heavenly Bodies, 4th Segment
*Wears $2 million bra.

VSFS 2010: Tough Love Segment, Adriana Opens the Show!

.:whatcha ... whatcha waiting 4?:.

VSFS 2011:
Superangels, 2nd Segment (Opens!)
Passion, 3rd Segment (Closes!)
Put a Spell on You, 5th Segment

VSFS 2012: Adriana Lima Backstage

VSFS 2012:
Circus, 1st Segment (Opens the Show!)
Angels in Bloom, 6th Segment

VSFS 2012: Circus Segment, Adriana Opens the Show as Ringleader!