The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for 2018 returned to New York City! Goddess Adriana Lima started her VS Runway career in this fabulous city and also decided to end her career here as well. She retired gracefully during this annual procession. We will truly miss her! Change is truly in the air and I still remain a fan of this brand that I have followed for so many years. Image Source :: Victoria's Secret Media Kit

05 June 2013

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Commercial: Alessandra Ambrosio

Ok ... sometimes you just don't make the cut ... no matter how fabulous you are!

While filming in Prague for the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels commercial (the one promoting the 2011 VS Holiday collection) Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio was captured in some beautiful behind-the-scene photos. From some online sources it seems that the pink lingerie against the bright red background did not match the outdoor footage of the other models featured in the commercial who wore whites, blues and purples. For the sake of overall commercial aesthetics, Ale's footage was cut out.

Hmmmm ... I wonder how that decision affected her paycheck. Seems to not be a set back at all for this lovely goddess since for the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show, she received the highest honor of wearing the annual million dollar bra worth 2.5 million dollars! You win some, you lose some.

.:come here, baby ... u know you drive me up the wall:.